If you could, would you go back to being 22?

This month (February 2021), as part of Fighting Fit Together, we are reading ‘Tuesday’s with Morrie’. It’s a wonderful book, and today I am going to write about a valuable point that was bought up – aging!

In society today we often fear aging, perceive it as a negative… wish we could go back to being younger, perhaps?

But actually, aging is growth… the older we get, the more we learn, the greater wisdom we have.

If you stayed 22, you’d always be as ignorant as you were when you were 22 – Morrie

I loved this quote, as 22 is such a significant age for me, personally. It was the year I quit my job, split up with my boyfriend, and went traveling in South East Asia. It is an age that I have previously said ‘if I could you back to any age, I’d go back to 22’. And when I was 22, I decided I didn’t want to get any older… It’s also the year I got back with my boyfriend, began properly kickboxing again (and boxing), got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.
If I’d stayed 22, I’d have stayed a green belt, never had a win, stayed fighting my metabolism, having no energy, and needing to sleep for 12-14 hours, and our relationship wouldn’t be what it is today!

I have my memories, of all the wonderful experiences, and I can relive them in my imagination. I also have the opportunity, in the future and in the present moment, to create new experiences, which will be equally as incredible, or better, as I have greater wisdom. I am more comfortable with myself, who I am, and who I am becoming, for example.

What experiences would you like to ‘revisit’? And how much do you think they would differ now?

I know that I’ll still enjoy ‘partying on beaches’, on occasion. But it will not be in a desperate bid to seek approval. Not fuelled by a fear of being boring. I am outgoing, naturally. But I am also finding myself more and more enjoying peace, too. Balance. I don’t always need to be ‘high energy’. It’s okay to relax. It’s essential, in fact.

We’re happy, free, confused, and lonely, at the same time… it’s miserable and magical… Taylor Swift, 22


I loved my time in Croatia, between 20-22, but I should have rested my ankle when I sprained it, as one example of youthful ignorance and disregard for the consequences… instead, I proceeded to get drunk and go to a local bar, dancing with topless guys, drinking stupid shots. The alcohol numbed the pain at the time, but I suffered the following days!
I then hitchhiked to a music festival and hobbled about, in yet more pain… It took a long time to properly heal, once I got home!

Anyway, I have all these memories still, but I do not remember the pain (unless I focus on it).
They were fun times… and we have an incredible imagination, so, why not use it?

I’m pretty happy with my age now, 12 years old with a lot of experience – Christophe Courtin

Christophe has hypnotized me, to help with my anxiety. We also discuss business (websites!), training, and further study… He is extremely knowledgeable, and I am grateful to have him as a friend.
And I love this response, of being 12, ‘with a lot of experience’.
As he makes experiences FUN, which would otherwise be dull and boring, or anxiety-inducing (the irony of it… being hypnotized for anxiety, makes you anxious? I’ve been there! The anxiety doesn’t last long and the hypnosis feels wonderful!)

His attitude doesn’t take anything away from his level of skill, knowledge, or experience… it enhances it!


This is why aging is a blessing.
We are all going to die, and we’re not getting any younger.

If you find yourself wishing to go back, you are not living your life, presently, in a fulfilled way.
The good news is that you can take action towards improving that…

I read something, along the lines of ‘no one wishes to be older; no one in their 20’s wants to be in their 60’s’… I’ll argue that.

I do.

I do not wish away my time; I love each day (some more than others!) and I love being ‘young, fit, and healthy’, but I know that by the time I am in my 60’s I will have achieved so much! I will have learned so much, as every day I am learning more. I’m excited by how much I will know next week, compared to now… let alone next year, or in 4 decades’ time!
And I will have so many memories to reflect upon and think ‘wow, what a life I’ve lived!’

Freddy Jacquin is in his 60’s and he often reminds me to imagine what I can accomplish, by the time I am his age… and he has achieved incredible things

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that’s why we call it the present -Oogway, Kung Fu Panda

Life, for any determined length of time, is not guaranteed.
I look after my health and hope to live into ‘old age’ – How old will that be, by the time I am ‘old’? Considering the constant advancements in medical science….

But I appreciate each day that have.
And I advise you to, too.

Be grateful.
Have goals and act towards them, but don’t only focus on the future. Don’t allow yourself to be ruining your present moments, fuelled by fear.

Reflect upon your past, especially the fond memories… let go of the ones which are holding you back. Don’t miss where you are walking, busy looking backwards.

If you struggle with any of this, hypnosis can help. Honestly, it’s amazing. From my own experience and from those who I have helped. Always seek help, things don’t have to stay as they are.

And, if you’re not struggling, fantastic! What are you working towards? And ask yourself, could anything be better?