The one I don’t normally talk about…

My 2nd title fight.

I talk about ‘becoming a champion’ and the success of my first title fight, often. It’s a great story, so I will continue to tell it!
Here is the video of my first title fight:

But, I am a 2x English kickboxing champion… have you ever wondered about the 2nd fight?

I won. But it was a tough one. Particularly the lead-up to the fight.

It was the fight I threw up before…

It was the fight that I broke down in the gym before, in tears, hugging my coach who told me I needed to have a break from fighting after this… for the sake of my health, and my business (which I had just started and underestimated how tough that would be!)

It was the fight I had convinced myself that if I lost I would be a ‘failure’, and no longer a champion, and everyone would judge me negatively and my business depended upon this ‘success’…

A huge amount of negative beliefs! Voices inside my mind, which held no truth, but were difficult to silence!
I had created so much unnecessary pressure. The pressure has always pushed me to work harder, but the pressure was also becoming too much, destructive.

I have always struggled with the fights inside my mind more than the fights inside the ring, and even when in the ring, the voices inside my head have done more damage than the punches to my face!

This is why I am pleased to be working with a performance and mindset (life) coach, in the lead-up to my next fight. Thank you, Zoe.

I am taking my fighting to the next level and I am not sacrificing my health or my business… I have had over a year out from fighting, over a year to focus on my personal development, alongside my professional. I will be focusing on training to win, whilst effectively balancing everything else.

My health is my priority. Fighting is my challenge, my focus.

Hypnotherapy has truly transformed my life. I thought I would stop fighting, to focus on this, then the opportunity arose and every part of me wanted to accept the challenge (except the small, fearful, negative part – it’s still there, but it’s learning to accept, opposed to always fight!)

I’m on this journey, as we all are, through life and there is no destination… But we can still set goals, we need to keep taking that next step…  out of our comfort zone, if we want to experience growth.

Becoming the British Bantamweight kickboxing champion is my next step!

What’s your next step?

If you’re struggling, please feel free to contact me. I can help you – I know what it’s like, to have to overcome the pressure, the anxiety, the negative voices inside your mind.
To increase your confidence, clarity, and allow a state of calm…it doesn’t have to be ‘fighting’ to experience the natural ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response. Whatever it is that you are working towards, you deserve to be a champion at what you do!