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 Join Jess, as she presents The Champion’s Corner, on Bexhill Radio, Monday to Friday, 12-1pm.

Discussing health and wellbeing, martial arts, fighting and sport, whilst championing small businesses and communities; local and global!

Shows are currently recorded and repeated through the week, with a new show each Monday!

Jess will also  be presenting occasional live shows at weekends, so keep your eyes peeled!



Keep It Consistent, Kid – Achieving Success, Simply.

KICK-ASS Conversations, to motivate, inspire and educate, with a variety of guests covering topics relating to health and wellbeing.

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 Do you want to get a bit fitter and lose some weight but you’re  fed up of diets and struggle to fit it all in?

Why not give kickboxing a go?

From the comfort of your own home, as part of a supportive community to keep you motivated!

With  group support, coaching calls and book club too, for personal development!

Would you like to be #coachedbyachamp?

P.s there’s a 7 day FREE trial!

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2 x English Kickboxing Champion
2nd Degree Black-belt
Public Speaker

On a mission to:

  • Empower wholehearted HEALTH, with a focus on supporting women.
  • Closing the gender gap in SPORT.
  • Promote fitness which is FUN. And ways of eating which you can ENJOY.  Free from guilt and shame...
  • Helping you to overcome your fears and anxieties, creating confidence, to live a life you LOVE!
  • Helping you  to prioritise YOU.  Put yourself first, to better help others...  What if it  doesn't have to be difficult?

Jess is building a powerful community, with PASSION and PURPOSE.

She has achieved success, but it has not been without struggle...

Now she is determined to help YOU!


What others say 


Focused & Motivated

I was inspired by Jessica Fleischer to start kickboxing workouts about 5 weeks ago.

The results so far:
Physically – Lost 7 lbs (no dieting involved as I don’t believe in diets to loose weight)
Toned up & lost 4ins around stomach
Mentally – Although I already have a great mindset it has kept me focused & motivated.


– Brooke, Community Member –

Learning and Laughter

I have been training with Jess since the beginning of 2019, and couldn’t ask for someone better!! When I started, my anxiety was at an all-time high, and the thought of walking into a room full of experienced strangers petrified me!!

Jess makes you feel so comfortable and really makes you believe in yourself that you can do it, no matter what shape or size!! Her classes are always fun, there’s a lot of learning and up-skilling to be done, and there’s also not one lesson I’ve not had bouts of laughter.


– Cara, Long-term Kickboxing Student –

Best Instruction Ever


Loved the Kickboxing. I’ve trained many times throughout my life and can honestly say it’s the best instruction I’ve ever received. Both the delivery and the explanations of the techniques!

– Glen, Kickboxing and Mindset collaborator  –

She is Amazing!


Another workout done with Jessica Fleischer. Absolutely love this lady, she is amazing!

– Liz, Online and Face to Face Kickboxing Student –

Let me inspire you

Jess’ words of wisdom

My 2nd English Kickboxing Title Fight

My 2nd English Kickboxing Title Fight

The one I don’t normally talk about… My 2nd title fight. I talk about ‘becoming a champion’ and the success of my first title fight, often. It’s a great story, so I will continue to tell it! Here is the video of my first title fight: https://youtu.be/wOqpSp89JAw But,...

Why hypnotherapy, and nutrition, for health, fitness and weight loss?

Why hypnotherapy, and nutrition, for health, fitness and weight loss?

My journey with hypnosis began because of a recommendation from one of my best friends, Justin. We kickbox together, we run together... and it's was wonderful learning hypnotherapy together! He convinced me that this was an unmissable opportunity. To study online,...

4 year goal, 1 year into my 5-year goal, my ‘business blackbelt’.

4 year goal, 1 year into my 5-year goal, my ‘business blackbelt’.

Do you have long-term goals? 5 years, perhaps? Maybe even a 10/20 year goal, which keeps you on track with the day-to-day running of your business? Or your life...  if you're employed, what do you want to achieve, over the next years of your life? Just like when...

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