Do you have long-term goals? 5 years, perhaps? Maybe even a 10/20 year goal, which keeps you on track with the day-to-day running of your business?
Or your life…  if you’re employed, what do you want to achieve, over the next years of your life?

Just like when working to become a blackbelt or champion, that goal is in your mind, throughout the 100’s of training sessions that lead up to that moment…

I made the decision in 2020 that I will be running a retreat in Thailand. This became my 5-year goal – ‘My business blackbelt’.

Here is this original blog about this:

I decided that I will achieve this by the 23rd of March 2025. This is my shorter, more specific, long-term goal. I have ideas and goals for after this (visions of what I want my life to be like), but this is the goal that is in the back of my mind with every action I take, each day. It’s even I the front of my mind multiple times per day, because I make time to visualise it.

Our mind doesn’t know the difference between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘imagined’. This is very real in my mind. I do not question that this is going to happen, I fully believe it will. I would almost be certain it will – although can we ever be certain?

I never would have predicted this last year, with the global pandemic and everything, but it hasn’t stopped me working towards this goal. In fact, it has solidified it. The hypnotherapy has been massively beneficial, in strengthening my vison and my beliefs, removing any of the doubt that I previously had…

Have you experienced hypnotherapy before?
Has it helped you to gain greater clarity towards your goals?

Once you know what it is that you are working towards, what do you do?
Write a to-do list, perhaps?

I was listening to Tony Robbins this morning and he summed up well how I have been working towards this goal, over the last year.
I have no idea HOW I am going to achieve this goal, yet.
But this allows me greater flexibility with the actions I take each day… so I can remain consistent, heading in the right direction.

Alongside the ‘What’ I need to know my why… so, why am I working towards this goal?

Because ‘Freedom’ is one of my core values.
And to ensure my business is ‘successful’ it needs to not just be generating me income, it needs to allow me freedom, to travel. I love what I do and don’t want to just go traveling again. I want to be able to incorporate my love for travel, with my love for my business.

And what do I love most about my business?
The human connection and the communities that I am part of. I love being part of something bigger than myself. I have been solo-traveling, and it was fun. You meet new, amazing people, each day. You can create the most incredible connections… then you need to do it all over again the next day, in the next city, the next hostel… which is great, but I miss all of those wonderful people that I’ve connected with overtime!

I now don’t want to travel alone and have to continuously make new connections… I want to invite all the people I already know to come to join me, in one of my favourite places in the world… to have a party together!
After spending time working together, learning, improving ourselves (perhaps our businesses too, it will depend on who speaks/the structure of the event – I’ve not planned that yet!), our health, and our well-being.

With the focus of this event being the same focus as what I do online, but together in Thailand!

‘Empowering Wholehearted Health, Inspiring Individuals, Creating Confidence’.

That’s my ‘why’.
To help people prioritise themselves and their own health, before focusing on helping others with theirs, to help those who are suffering from anxiety, low self-esteem, and insecurities overcome them, and create their own confidence… the confidence of a champion!

If you can find the courage within you to take action towards your own goals, you are someone I’d love to have join me… in Thailand, or anywhere else, first.
Online, here in the U.K, or perhaps even Europe – a Greek Island sounds good to me! Where would be your ideal location? I’m open to suggestions!

If I can do it, you can do it too. Honestly.