My journey with hypnosis began because of a recommendation from one of my best friends, Justin.
We kickbox together, we run together… and it’s was wonderful learning hypnotherapy together!

He convinced me that this was an unmissable opportunity.
To study online, with part of some of the best hypnotherapists in the world, as part of a powerful community.
I was still studying nutrition, a little behind, and concerned about fitting it all in.
Fortunately, I decided to commit to studying and practicing both.

It was tough, but I am glad I persevered.

I have a passion for hypnotherapy, beyond that of nutrition.
I LOVE food and I will always be learning about that too; why we eat (for energy AND enjoyment), how we can best improve our health, nutrition towards specific goals etc. but hypnotherapy provides the ‘missing’ aspect that my year-long evidence-based nutrition study did not provide.

Hypnotherapy allows change to happen at a subconscious level.

Many of us eat for emotional reasons, not just hunger.

You don’t need to know exactly what the cause was (you may know – lockdown, for example!), to know that the habit is negatively impacting your life now; your self-esteem, and your health!

It may be taking the form of late-night snacking, those extra few biscuits with your afternoon tea, the crisps with your lunch… eating when you’re not actually hungry, sometimes not even aware of how much you really ate (a WHOLE bar of chocolate?! It’s easily done when the subconscious takes over!)
Often leaving you feeling a bit sick; both physically, and with a mixture of guilt and shame.

You may enjoy the first part, and that’s okay, but why is it so difficult to stop?

Emotional eating doesn’t heal emotional issues. When you overeat it’s because you’re avoidng a conversation with yourself – Karen Salmansohn

It’s not being told what to do that you need. It’s resolving that underlying cause that helps the most!

We all know that overconsuming sugar is not good for us.
We often have a strong motivation to change… We know how much better it feels to be confident with how we look!
​To wake up each morning with energy, ready to take on all the tasks of the day…

Yet, why doesn’t our willpower always win over the foods which make us feel so sluggish?

Well, sometimes the underlying emotional motivation (to provide comfort, to ease pain, to relieve boredom), causing you to eat more, will beat the motivation towards the desired outcome, of fitting in that smaller pair of jeans in our wardrobe!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be difficult. Hypnosis is easy, effective, and enjoyable.

It can be used to completely transform the way you eat. But not just by following a diet plan, by changing the way you think and feel, about food, your health goals, and your body!

Do you know what YOU would like to achieve?
What are your health, fitness, and body image-related goals?

By first identifying them, you can begin to work out what actions you need to take, to achieve them.