Firstly, you don’t work in a biscuit factory, despite what the social worker told you. You still don’ have any G.C.S.E’s though!

You are not longer fat, despite your continued love for peanut butter. You are incredibly active now. You have become one of ‘those’ people… who actually ENJOY being active! Not just who feel they should, out of shame for what they have eaten!

And, everything is okay, despite the fact you are in the middle of a global pandemic.
Yeah, that’s right, a global pandemic. It’s all been a bit crazy this year, so far… and it’s not over yet!
You’ve got a lot to look forward to in 2020; make sure you’ve got toilet roll and pasta stocked up for March!
Don’t worry though, things are going well and your business has actually benefitted, as have you! You have invested a lot of time in your personal development and connected with some amazing people, so you’re in a positive place right now…

So, in fact, everything is more than okay!

You have gone on to become a 2X English Kickboxing Champion and a 2nd-degree blackbelt. You have been crowned The Kickboxing Queen and you have founded your own business: I am Fighting Fit.

You have used your own struggles to go on and inspire others, women specifically.

Yeah, You!

When you began kickboxing you had a lot to overcome!
Firstly, actually beginning was tough. it took you long enough! You finally began at 19… You had extremely low self-esteem, you were physically, and mentally, weak and you were held back by anxiety and a fear of not being good enough!
Luckily you had the support of Steve, your boyfriend.

He held your hand all the way to the gym, gave you a kiss good luck before you stepped through the dojo doors, and you’ve been through this journey together ever since. Despite his natural ability and in the beginning him ‘being better than you’, you achieved your black belts together, you are both champions together and you are now both making a career out of it, together; for you, though your coaching and for him, through his fighting (He’s going Pro as an MMA fighter).

The end of our black belt grading! over 5 hours of HELL, Together!

You’ll be pleased to know he’s still my boyfriend – you got together at 17 and you’re still together now, 11 years later. It’s had its ups and downs, but your relationship is now stronger than ever. He has been there to support you throughout your adult life (even when you split up with him to go traveling at 22, you got back together, whilst you were in Malaysia! You kept in contact through dodgy free wifi in cheap backpacker hostels, at strange times of the day due to time differences, and Skype… before Zoom was around!) and despite your differences, you make a great team. He also gives the best hugs!

So, right now you want to begin kickboxing (you already know karate is not for you!) but you feel like you’re not fit enough.
I’m sorry to say this lasts for about another 10 years… but you do manage to overcome this!
Overcoming this is the key to your success.
By turning your mindset around, you managed to enter your title fight with confidence. The confidence to become a champion!

But, it wasn’t just down to confidence.
You also put an awful lot of hard work and dedication into your training! Daily press ups (from 0-30, averaging out at 20 per night), early morning hill sprints and 100%, make you want to cry, intensity bag rounds, to name a few… over 8 years… around working in a pub!

You begin working in your dad’s pub at 18 – he calls you in on short notice on a busy bank holiday weekend. You stay working there for just over 8 years (minus the 3 months of traveling when you were 22).

You enjoy working in a pub and the shift work never really bothered you.
You’re not much of a drinker, you don’t smoke but you do love coffee – the pub began this addiction!
Late nights + early mornings + proper coffee, for free = Hello caffeine!

You quickly progress from being ‘just a barmaid’ to becoming the front of house manager.

Although not glamourous, this job enabled you to develop valuable life skills. Hard work, for one. And it gave you the opportunity to improve your people skills, under high-pressure situations and as a figure of authority.

You have always been good with people and, unlike fighting, coaching has always come naturally for you.

And as your confidence increased, so did your coaching ability.

We now have big dreams and I don’t doubt we will achieve them.

We will go on to speak on stages, globally, and we will work with teenage girls, therapeutically, to help them overcome trauma.

But first, go give mum a hug, tell her that you love her, and get yourself ready for a rocky couple of years… it’s not over yet but things do improve, I promise!