To act without boundaries, borders… imaginary fences… How would that feel for you?

How often do you reflect upon your limitations, or your perceptions of your limits, and what you consider those are to be?

Or, deciding to live your life, by your design, creating the security and stability you’ve always wished for, accepting the inevitable constraints, and commitments, which come with it?

Aware that you can be in control to make the necessary changes, to live by your ‘reason for being’.
To live a life that fills you with joy…

Imagine a herd of horses, grazing in the field, on a typical summer’s day… they have food, water, and shelter, a ‘comfortable life’. They occasionally get startled by an abrupt loud sound, the flash of a bright light perhaps, or unknown movement, flittering in the hedge… but, in general, they live their life satisfied. Looked after, kept in good health, and free from worry… but, also without consideration for what is beyond their horizon.

Now imagine a herd of horses running freely across the savannah. Roaming wherever their heart desires. Having to consider where the best water source is, always,  having to constantly search for food and monitor their own hunger, and find shelter when needed, especially when a storm is imminent. Always aware that there are predators, always having to be vaguely alert and ready to change direction…
They have their own freedom, and with that comes a sense of fear.

They don’t have the retractions of the fences but they also lose the benefits of the protection, and security, that the paddock would provide.

‘If you find a job you love, you’ll never work another day again’ – Winston Churchill


If you can find fun ways to live your life, with a passion for what you do; enhancing your abilities, allowing yourself the freedom to follow your own path… your ‘work’ will no longer feel like work.
You can earn a living, more than merely ‘just enough’ (Thank you, Freddy, for picking that up from my own language pattern!), and the world will benefit from it too!

Or, you can set yourself up for success, by finding the job which brings you that stability your desire.
You do not have to be self-employed to be successful!

We are all unique, and it is when we come together, combining our strengths, that we are stronger.

I am self-employed and I don’t have any employees … yet.
I see myself as one of those savannah horses, or perhaps a Pegasus… as I have wings within me!

This does not mean that I don’t have support. And that I am not creating my own ‘team’… I am part of incredible communities and I am grateful for all the help I am given!
It’s not easy, especially in the beginning… but with a coach in your corner, and teammates to cheer you on, it makes the ‘fighting’ a lot more fun!

This week I have begun working on improving my website and I have finally decided to receive help.
I CAN do my own website… I am capable… But do I have the desire to do so?
The same applies across the board, whatever that may be for you; your design work, your accounts… even cooking your own meals/ doing your own cleaning!
I have no shame in admitting one of my business goals is to hire a ‘housekeeper’!

Sometimes, we want to ‘do it all’ and put that unnecessary pressure upon ourselves, feeling like accepting our limitations is a weakness.
It is not.
Why would I watch 50 videos, which I will struggle to understand properly, on improving websites, when I could watch 50 videos on improving my hypnotherapy/kickboxing? Or better yet, practice the techniques which I have already learned, and use them to enhance the lives of so many others.

This is such a powerful thing to realise. That it is okay to not know how to do something, or to know that you do not enjoy it, even… There is someone out there who does, who can both do it better than you and will enjoy the process.
Ask them for help and allow yourself to spend more time focussing on what you love.

So, next time you’re struggling, feeling like your ‘not good enough’ at something, allow that thought to pass. Accept that perhaps this is not something you want to focus your time and energy on and move on.
You are in control of your thoughts, so don’t beat yourself up about it.

Do not allow it to manifest itself as an ‘invisible wall’… I’ve been there.

Stuck in a loop of, ‘I can’t get my website done now, but I need to earn more money to pay someone, but I need my website better, to make more money’… all of those were just stories which I had created in my mind.
And you are doing this too.
When we remove the fear, from the outcome, things all become a lot more clear…

All of that worry and/or uncertainty is a pattern of behavior. It is not who you are, merely a part of your mind… A part which you can take back control over, find a use for… to leave yourself free from those useless and unnecessary fears and anxiety, holding you back!

Take a moment to reflect upon this. What limiting beliefs have you been telling yourself recently?
What fences have you been creating for yourself?
And, are they trapping you inside your own mind, holding you back from freedom?