Today I made the decision to go for a run and to go slower.
This goes against my competitive and perfectionist nature, where I am often striving to improve.
But, I decided I would go out and I would focus on enjoyment instead.
To enjoy my run more, it required me to go ‘slower’. And sometimes this is the case in life too, it’s okay to not always be sprinting!

I have always considered myself ‘not a runner’.
I am overcoming this self-limiting belief and working to both improve my mindset and physical ability; to become a more accomplished runner and be able to enjoy it too!

This requires physical fitness improvements too; you cannot just positively think yourself fit!
But, every run does not have to necessarily be pushing towards this goal. I am not racing. I am not fighting. I am doing this for me, for my own health and to improve, which doesn’t always have to mean faster!

I know how to sprint. I know to train hard. I know how to ‘push’. This isn’t always what is needed. And it’s certainly not always enjoyable.

This need to ‘keep pushing harder’ and ‘to go faster’ is not necessary for running, or for business, and certainly not for life.
It is possible, and healthier, to achieve great things, at a slower and more maintainable pace.

It’s your own journey – go at a pace that is comfortable for you!

My top 5 tips to slow down slightly, for success:

  1. Breathe. Obviously we are all breathing, right now, but take some time out today to focus on it.
    Deep breaths.
    Especially when we become stressed, our breathing becomes more shallow and we take quicker shorter breaths.
    – Inhale completely, feel your chest rise, hold for a few seconds then fully and slowly exhale. Repeat this at least 3 times. Ideally 5.
  2. Take a break. When we are becoming overwhelmed we often try to ‘push through’ and ‘get more done’.
    You will become more focussed by taking a short break, ‘switching off’ for a few minutes then coming back, mentally refreshed. 5 minutes will suffice.
  3. Write it down. When we’ve got too much going on in our head we cannot focus properly.
    Write it all down, often referred to as a ‘brain dump’.
    Just write. Try not to think too much, just get all your thoughts on paper.
    This will allow you to organize your thoughts better, by seeing them more clearly, written down.
  4. Journal. Similar to ‘write it down’, but the other way round.
    Make a plan. Schedule your priorities, before everything becomes too much. Organizing your time effectively will help you to feel ‘in control’.
    Be careful to find or create a system that works for you though, not one which actually takes up too much time and becomes a chore!
  5. Switch off social media. When you are trying to focus, social media is the biggest distraction. It also forces you to focus on what others are doing, as opposed to focusing on yourself!
    To be present in the moment, avoid social media.
    Do however schedule it in, as this will help to avoid ‘wasting too much time’!