What does freedom mean to you?
What does it look like? And what does it feel like?

I’d like to ask you to think about what your version of freedom is, and how you can achieve your own before you read mine.

Freedom is one of my core values, after honesty and courage. At my core, in my very being, I do not like feeling trapped.

The secret to happiness is freedom… the secret to freedom is courage – Thuccydides

I am in lockdown and I cannot even see my friends or family, let alone jump on a plane and go somewhere sunny!
The weather is gloomy, grey and wet, here in January in England… I still love the woods, they help to keep me grounded, but I cannot wait for spring to bring the bluebells!

Ever since I was 16 I’ve been working hard to earn a stable income, and build up savings. To create my own financial freedom… And, since going self-employed I have spent those savings and my next ‘wage’ is unknown.

Although, on the flip side to this, I am now running a business that brings me joy each day, internal freedom. I am learning how to free my mind from the thoughts I have been fighting all my life.
The finance will follow. And, with that finance, I will once again find freedom. Externally, measurably, and from within.

The restrictions will also ease, as we will not be in lockdown forever – even if it may be beginning to feel so. I urge you to keep your hope strong and find ways to both create moments in your daily life today, to switch off from all the chaos, and to focus on the future you can create for yourself, and what wonders it will bring!
If you would like to find out more about how to do this, please feel free to contact me. I have tools/advice which can make this an easy and enjoyable part of your day!

I have struggled recently with my own health, mentally, but it’s showing physically now too.
I am happy to be honest about this, to remove the shame.
Vulnerability is not weakness and the more that we realize that even those who are ‘succeeding’ did not get there without a struggle first, the more people will become empowered to achieve their own success. Whatever that means to you!

I consider myself successful; I am happy, and I am healthy.
Although my health has declined slightly over the last couple of weeks – I have lost weight and I have not been sleeping properly.
I feel weak, but ‘wired’.
All due to heightened levels of anxiety and going into ‘fight, flight or freeze’ mode, which has occurred because of losing my ‘freedom’. Both physically and financially.

It is already improving though – I have dedicated this week to seeking help. And I switched COMPLETELY OFF, for the weekend. *I actually wrote loads towards the book I am publishing and I was also more active than ever, with walking and kickboxing… it was lovely!*

There are positives from this situation. I had the courage to seek support and I am grateful to be connected with some of the most incredible health professionals in the world.
I know how important it is to prioritize our health, especially if we are self-employed; what would your business do without you?
Are you prioritizing your health? What small changes can you make, before they become big problems?

The bonus to waking up at 4 am each morning with my brain running at 5,000,000 mph is that I now have incredibly exciting plans in place for my future! I have worked out what I am going to achieve this year and it is going to be fantastic! And with this belief, I know that even my biggest goals are achievable! It’s already beginning to become apparent…

I’ve set my business processes and routines up better than ever. And differentiated what my ‘business processes’ actually are, compared to what is my ‘life’. Just because I am self-employed does not mean my whole life has to become my business.
I was trying to do too much and overwhelming myself. I am human and only have a finite amount of time and energy, as do you!

Are you overwhelming yourself too?

How many books are on your ‘need to read/need to finish’ list?
And how many courses have you signed up to, half-done or even completed, yet you’ve ‘failed’ to take action upon the implementing ‘learnings’?
Are you creating unnecessary pressure for yourself, fuelled by an ‘I’m not good enough’ voice inside your head?

Me vs Me has been my biggest fight – The Joker

The first time I managed to control this fight against myself, in the ring, I became a kickoxing champion. It clearly works and mindset is essential to performance, not just the physical aspects!

And to become a champion, I designed myself a strict training/nutrition/sleep plan, to prioritize my recovery around the ’fight camp’ – 6 days per week of kickboxing/boxing/bag work/running/sprinting/circuits (2 sessions per day, most days. Saturday was ALWAYS a rest day though) and cutting 3kg of fat, in 3 weeks, whilst maintaining muscle mass/strength/stamina and optimizing my performance in training…it was tough, but I did it.

Rest and recovery, including correct nutrition, made it possible!

So, when I walked into that ring, I knew I was going to win. I had cracked it, the balance.
Of intense training vs proper rest.
With enough fear to fuel peak performance vs an inner clam, from confidence and belief in my own ability; that I was fit enough, and that I was ready to become a champion!

This is now what I have managed to create for my business. By ‘stripping it all out’, and going ‘back to basics’, with a focus on MY health, I can add back in the things which I enjoy the most. And leave free time, for now, before adding in more, to achieve more, if and when I choose to. And in that free time, I can add in whatever I like… which will help me to identify what else I really want to be doing, deciding future directions for my business but allowing me peace of mind for this year. I have a 3-5 year goal, and a 10-year vision, too.

By creating this structure, I have realized I can create a thriving business (with long-term goals to create a charity/non-profit too), doing what I love, and working less. To not just benefit me, but you, and many others, too!

To be free is not merely to cast off ones chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the life of others – Nelson Mandela

I will still be working ‘hard’, but I am passionate about it. The things which I am not passionate about, I can outsource. Saving me time, money, and stress!
I became a champion by having a dedication and determination to improving my training, and, more importantly, my RECOVERY, processes. And I had to do this alongside working in a pub too!

I am now going to apply my ‘fighter’s discipline’ to my business and stick to the game plan, to become the champion in business that I know I deserve to be!

You benefit from this too, as my whole business is about helping you. Helping you to improve your own lives, your own health… which in turn will improve your business. I am not a business coach… but your health MUST be your priority, BEFORE your business, if you want to be successful!

And my sole focus now is to grow my community, Fighting Fit Together.
It is already a successful membership platform, but I have plans to turn it into a ‘Health and well-being mastermind’ community!
If you are interested in joining, let me know!

And I will create my vision for the future, I will have my freedom. And the fun I’ve been subconsciously seeking for so long, too

From every Mountain, let freedom ring – Marting Luther King Jr

I keep seeing myself up mountains, in nature… grounded but free.
With the knowledge that I can jump off cliffs and fly to freedom, with the confidence to achieve whatever I desire to… and the evening beach parties, after the speaking on stages globally, in Thailand… To then return home to my country cottage, with my future family, and relax, and enjoy time together, just for us