I’d like to begin by asking you to consider what ‘becoming a champion’ means to you…

Is it something that you aspire to be?
Something that you believe is possible… You can feel it within you…
Have you got what it takes?

Champions aren’t made in gyms. They are made from something they have deep inside them – A Desire, A Dream, A Vision – Muhammad Ali

For me, fighting was the ultimate test, the jump off the cliff… stepping out of the far corners of my comfort zone…

It was a path I was inspired to take, by those who had done so before me; my best friends, fellow teammates, and coaches…

A champion was what I desired to become, yet barely dared to fully believe… the fear of failure held me back until I was ready to commit. Yet I had always dedicated to it, from somewhere deep within, even when my thoughts were fighting, in my mind!

And by the time I was ready, I had the knowledge to improve my processes. To create the habits and behaviors to allow me to perform at my highest level. And with that knowledge, that I had done everything I could, in preparation…
I entered that fight with confidence. The confidence which allowed an inner calm…

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence – Dalai Lama

If you are reading this, I’d hazard a guess you’d like to win. You’re are aiming to succeed…
You accept the challenges; you’ve found your courage and you are striving to improve…

I have realized what makes a champion different from a ‘winner’.

A champion is a winner who beats the other winners.

Willing to put the ‘work’ in (not necessarily ‘harder’, but ‘smarter’… and with the right support!) that others aren’t. With a belief in their capability to achieve, above and beyond the reality that many others limit themselves to.

Remember, you set your own limits. And you have the ability to change them.

All limits are self imposed – Icarus

‘Winner’ is a bit like ‘guru’, ‘expert’, or ‘high performer’, perhaps… terms which sound nice, but what do they really mean? Anyone can claim to be these ‘titles’… but have they ever had to fight for them?

Anyone can self-profess that they are ‘ the best’…

But who are they comparing themselves to?
Are they ever competing against those who are better than them?
Or, are they just big fish in a small pond?

And it’s not all about the competition… what about the support?

Are you seeking advice from those who have already achieved what you are working towards?

Our own fear of comparison and ‘not being good enough’ can, often unknowingly, hold us back from what we hope to achieve.
Leaving us swimming against the subconscious tide, dragging us further and further away from the shore of success!

Are you holding back from competing at that higher level, or from collaborating at that higher level even, through fear of failure, or success?!

Perhaps your comfort zone is where you’d prefer to stay… and that’s okay! It is comfortable after all… and even success-seekers enjoy comfort!

Remember that perfection doesn’t exist, it’s about finding the balance and a level that is suitable for YOU!

If you know you want to not just win, but become a champion, you need to take action.
The right action. Different action to the action you have already been taking… you can’t do the same thing and expect different results.

That includes changing your habits, your environment, and who you associate with… Don’t keep swimming with the smaller fishes!

You are the average of the 5 people your spend the most time with – Jim Rohn

I am passionate about helping people become the champion they desire to be… as long as they are willing to put the work in.

I have created a community to help support individuals towards their goals; a community of winners, supporting each other… because a champion wouldn’t be fighting successfully without all the training and support that got them in that ring and properly prepared.
We are a team and together we are stronger.


We all have our own unique strengths and weaknesses, and luckily business isn’t as scary, lonely, or competitive, as it is in the ring.
You’ve not got someone physically trying to knock you out and you can ask for help at any time.
You don’t need to wait until that final bell rings, you can change your course of action NOW!

One final element to becoming a champion?
Make it FUN!

This helps to remove some of the pressure, which you have probably created yourself…
When I didn’t fully believe the opportunity would arise, I joked that ‘If I ever get an opportunity to fight for a title, I will walk out to ‘I just can’t wait to be King – The Lion King’.

So, guess what? That’s what I did.

And the crowd roared.

Are you doing something which the crowds can roar about?
And do you ENJOY doing it?

Watch when I became a champion, here:

P.S if you know there is something holding you back and would like to discuss this further with me, please book a complimentary 20-minute chat. I have limited availability for hypnotherapy and 1-1 coaching, but it is highly effective if you want effective results fast!