Success at the Sussex Open!

Success at the Sussex Open!
On Saturday the 11th of January, Jessica Fleischer, founder and head coach at I am Fighting Fit, and her boyfriend Steven Martin, coach at Freestyle Combat Academy in Bexhill and part of the I am Fighting Fit team, achieved success at local Jiu Jitsu competition, The Sussex Open, in Hove.
Jess and Steve's primary focus has always kickboxing; both having won numerous fights, won title belts and been awarded their 2nd degree black belts in 2019. Brazillian Jiu Jitsu was a new challenge for them, for 2020.
Success at the Sussex Open!
Steve was the first fighter of the day, to compete in his absolute category (this is an open weight category for all white belt males). He just missed out on a medal, placing 4th, out of 32 competitors. He won his first three matches then lost his last two, on points decisions.
Steve did go on to win a gold medal in his weight category, beating both of his opponents. His performance on the day was impressive, especially considering it was his first jiu jitsu competition and he is fairly new to the training. His cardiovascular fitness and strength, built up over many years of kickboxing, combined with a few techniques learned over the last couple of months, secured him the advantage over his opponents.
Success at the Sussex Open!
Jess had a tough category but managed to achieve both of her goals - to not be submitted and to place 3rd in her category.
Her first match was against a far more experienced opponent but Jess managed to maintain her composure and defend her attacks. Jess lost on points but was happy with her performance - she was outclassed but help her own.
She then went on the win her second bout, by a quick choke submission, from side control, securing her a bronze medal.

Both fighters have numerous goals, and will be continuing to train in jiu jitsu alongside their kickboxing.
Steve will be making a transition into Mixed Martial Arts and plans his debut fight soon! So his training is going to include more no gi and submission wrestling, alongside a focus on K1 kickboxing and Muay Thai drills.
Jess's goals involve more training in the gi, as she would like to enter more jiu jitsu competitions, whilst also training hard on the mats to improve her techniques and knowledge of the martial art, with the goal to achieve her blue belt in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu by the end of the year.
This will be alongside her continued kickboxing training, fighting and coaching too, obviously.

Date added: 16 January 2020

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